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Electric Arc Spraying

Fast Energy Company offers electric arc spraying service. The process is realized in several steps:

  • at the output of the device there is a wire;
  • it is supplied with current and compressed air;
  • an electric arc is formed;
  • the wire melts;
  • air or gas spreads particles to the detail itself.

Electricity and wire are the main things in this process. Due to the electric arc, the temperature in the device rises to 4000 degrees Celsius which is sufficient to melt the wire.

Directional flow of air from the same device applies the wire particles on the detail. This makes for the spraying to be durable and firm.

What is the secret of this method? The thing is that it allows melting absolutely any kind of wire. Often, when heated, two types of wires are used at once, which makes it possible to create an alloy of particles.

Electric arc spraying is also convenient. You can cover large surfaces quickly enough. The method protects parts from corrosion and helps to restore the original size of components.