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High-speed Metal Spraying HVOF

One of the services offered by Fast Energy Company is high velocity oxygen fuel process HVOF. This technology is based on using products of gas combustion and kerosene (oxygen). When mixed in the device itself the components form the necessary pressure and combustion mode.

The main advantage of this technology is the achievement of tremendous speeds. Hypersonic gas speed allows particles spread rapidly and evenly over the detail during spraying. As it is known, the higher speed rate of spraying and pressure the better quality of work is.

The thing is that gas itself in a mixture with a liquid cannot be in its pure form.  In order for the oxides not to be mixed with the "substance”, it is important to gain the highest possible rate of deposition. Spraying will consolidate on the detail’s surface if it is made under a high pressure. HVOF is the technology that solves both problems.

The substance temperature is exponentially lower comparing to other technologies. This makes HVOF both gentle and effective spraying method.