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Laboratory Quality Control of Production

Fast Energy Company uses high quality equipment only. The production complex is supplied with premium class facilities from Flame Spray Technologies (Netherlands) and Siemens.  High-precision spraying processes are provided by robotic systems of the Swiss company ABB.Such production conditions allow Fast Energy to meet international quality standards.

But good technology is not the only reason for the high quality of brand services. After each procedure a laboratory control of finished parts takes place.

The whole process is recorded with the help of computers. Robots responsible for spraying use the standard specified conditions.After each spraying, with the help of technical devices, the company's specialists record several indicators:

  • how smooth the surface of spraying is;
  • how durable the coating is;
  • how well the entire surface of the parts is covered.

Measurement is held without contact: light does everything. It allows measuring the desired characteristics. The surface of the part remains untouched. This eliminates damage during inspection. Fast Energy offers high-quality workonly. Services are carried out using the latest technologies of European companies.