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Metal Spraying

The Fast Energy Company provides gas-thermal spraying service. It can be used both in the petroleum and metallurgic industries as well as in repairing and restoration of parts.

Gas-thermal spraying is the process of heating, dispersing and transferring condensed particles of the sprayed material by a gas or plasma stream to form a layer of desired material on a substrate.

Fast Energy offers several kinds of spraying:

  • plasma;
  • electric arc;
  • high-speed HVOF system;
  • flame spraying.

Each program involves steps for the anti-friction and anti-corrosion protection of items. In the course of work Fast Energy company adheres to international quality standards. All processes are carried out with the help of prime class facilities such as Flame Spray Technologies (Netherlands) and Siemens. In order to test the quality of obtained production we accomplish the laboratory control after spraying.

The company is able to complete the spraying of finished parts, re-size and strengthen them by applying a new coating.

Other specialization of our company is the application of super hard coatings of tungsten carbides WC, chromium carbides Cr3C2 on shafts and rollers used in various industries.

We have the opportunity of manufacturing finished rollers and shafts according to customer’s drawings followed by applying the required coating.

The company’s consultant supports clients during the whole project. He will help to choose the materials and clarify process characteristics.