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Gas-turbine Power Units

Gas-turbine power units are a complex mechanism that is constantly exposed to high temperatures. It is the turbine of the aircraft and other types of transport. For safety reasons, it is important to maximally protect the turbine from potential damage.

The main advantages of the coating:

  • protection against point overheating;
  • duration and firmness of the part;
  • reduction of gas emissions;
  • erosion protection.

Gas that causes corrosion, high temperatures, constant mechanical work - all this can lead to rapid wear of the part. Gas-thermal coating is a reliable solution to this problem.

The coating is carried out both for protection against erosion and corrosion, and for protection from high temperatures. The undercoat coating is made on the basis of cobalt alloys and the MCrAIY layer. The new internal structure allows you to make the oxide membrane on the details denser.

Thermal barrier coatings are applied with a ceramic coating. Zirconia ceramics is placed on MCrAIY. The layer protects parts from gas and high temperature impact.