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Hydraulic Equipment

Hydraulics is popular equipment. It is used in many types of industry. Hydraulic cylinder is the main part. It works due to the fact that the piston is constantly moving. The piston itself needs additional coating for the same reason.

Constant mechanical movement negatively affects the form and operation of the piston. It can abrade, break, and cover with blooming. To avoid expensive replacement of the device it is enough to resort to protective measures.

Chrome is often chosen as a coating. The old and proven model is not relevant now. The substance itself is so toxic that it affects the production process worse. But you can't say the same about gas thermal spraying.

This type of spraying helps to avoid:

  • mechanical damage;
  • rapid abrade;
  • corrosion;
  • deformation.

Even the chassis of the Boeing and Aerobus planes are covered with thermal spraying. It is applied using the innovative HVOF technology. The process is harmless and robotic. This allows achieving maximum quality in work.