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Metallurgy Industry

What is the most harmful for parts in metallurgy? Heat. Due to heating, a lot of parts degrade quickly. In addition, metallurgy is a heavy industry in which each component is subjected to a heavy load. All this often leads to:

  • metal corrosion
  • external deterioration of parts
  • their deformation
  • frequent breakdowns.

Replacing each element is expensive for a company. It is much more profitable and effective to apply a special coating. Gas-thermal spraying is more commonly used for this industry.

The main advantages of the method are:

  • the detail becomes sturdier;
  • high temperatures affect it less;
  • durability increases;
  • the speed of work increases.

Due to the use of a single procedure it is possible to make the whole process faster and more reliable. Such a coating allows both saving money and improving quality.Parts that work at high and low temperatures should be processed first. The coating wouldn’t go amiss the components installed at the finish of production.