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Restoration and Repair

The Fast Energy Company offers services involving not only spraying on parts for their initial protection, but also for their restoration and repair. The thing is that frequent breakdowns are unavoidable in heavy industry.

Purchase of new components is much more expensive than repair,especially when it comes to gas-thermal spraying repair.

The advantages of such spraying are:

  • restoration of the primary form of the item;
  • up to 150% savings;
  • thermal stabilityincrease;
  • corrosion resistanceguarantees;
  • extending the life of the item by 100%;
  • the base layer is not damaged when applied;
  • low recovery time;
  • after the repair the component becomes even better.

Gas-thermal coating can be compared with restyling. Improved exteriority, properties and detail's shape - that is what gets the customer after the project is complete.

Gas-thermal coating is applied through gas and liquid fuel. The process is fully robotic. Contactless application is much faster and stronger!