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Oil and Gas Industry

Fast Energy offers its services in the oil and gas industry. This is one of the most developed and sought-after industries. Expensiveinstallations and materials for production do not always withstand a heavy load. Especially when a soft sealant for valves is used in work.

Valves are some of the most important elements of production. A soft sealant costs less, but often breaks first. The same can’t be said for the metal part. It is much more firm and durable. No matter how firm the metal is, it is better to seal it tight.  This will save you from unnecessary costs and repairs.

The most effective coating of such components is metallic. It is beneficial for several reasons:


  • it can be applied to any part;
  • it can work at any temperature;
  • itis durable;
  • it can serve for a long time when in use.

The coating is applied using gas-thermal method. The application process is fully automated. Robots apply coating with excellent accuracy and high speed. The mechanism itself allows achieving the highest strength of details.